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SasAqua Fish Farm

AFRAQ23 ( – It’s Africa time! The aquaculture world is converging this week in Luka, Zambia for the Aquaculture Africa 2023 Conference, one of the largest aquaculture conferences in the continent. The theme of this year’s conference is, “Resilient value chains in the blue economy” and it will offer a great opportunity for aquaculture researchers, practitioners, decision makers and other stakeholders to meet, network and discuss all aspects of aquaculture in Africa.

SasAqua Fish Farm is here too to talk about our smallholder farmers and how they must be part of the equation to build resilient value chains in Africa’s blue economy. We are introducing for the first time SasAqua (, the new climate-smart digital platform that offer solutions to farmers by facilitating climate-smart aquaculture, seamless commerce-enabled value-chain and climate change mitigating.

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