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Why This App Platform


Why This App ?

I am Margaret Atieno, Cofounder, Finance  & Operations Director at SasAqua.  And I am Alfred Achar, Cofounder & Managing Director.

SasAqua, our new climate-smart digital platform empowers fish farmers by seamlessly connecting them toaquaculture value chain players, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability of thevalue chain. It also facilitates climate-smart aquaculture and addresses climate risk with mitigating solutions. Sasa in Swahili means “now”, but also the informal way of greeting, like “hello” . When we first started our fish farm business, we quickly realized that there were many challenges to overcome. Getting quality fingerlings&aqua feed, farm equipment& services, training, and even market linkage for our harvested fish were not only difficult to find, but also inefficient, expensive, and sometimes led to post harvest losses. We knew that we weren’t the only ones facing these challenges. There are millions of fish farmers in Africa facing the same. We wanted to do something to help everyone, so we started SasAqua, which is more than just a digital marketplace platform. It also incorporates fish farm digitalization, management, sustainable sourcing, cold chain, storage, traceability, IoT, AI/ML technology solutions.  We are confident that SasAqua will be a game-changer in enabling sustainable aquaculture value chain in Africa and beyond.We are inviting you to join us on this journey. Together, we can sustainably transform the aquaculture value chain for people, planet and prosperity.

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