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Empowering smallholder farmers with knowledge and skills to make them experts in their fields.

The Human Capital Builders


Meet the dream team that empowers Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s) with Good Aquaculture Practices (GAPs) to improve their knowledge and decision-making abilities so that they can build up sustainable agricultural systems that preserves environmental integrity, increase economic benefits, and promote social equity.
Will you support them?

Washington Odoyo

Washington is a motivated, adaptable, and responsible aquaculture and fisheries professional. Have experience in fisheries resource management, fish hatchery management, fish pond management, fish cage culture, fish feed and feeding technology, conscripting blue economy developing concept, data collection and analysis.

Wshington Juma Odoyo.jpeg

Vera Night Amollo

Vera is a dedicated, adaptive and responsible Aquatic Scientist, with complementary skills andknowledge in aquaculture, mariculture, fish pond management, fish nutrition, fish biology,aquatic resources, cage- culture, aquatic flora and fauna. A reliable team member with apersonable nature and positive communication skills. My main objective is to improve my skillsin this challenging corporate world through hard work and determination.

Vera Night Amollo.jpeg

Purity Morang’a

Purity is a highly qualified HatcheryAssistant with comprehensivetraining in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. She has a strong passionfor her work, demonstrated through her consistent dedication andenergy as a Hatchery and Farm Assistant. Throughout her career, shehas developed a thorough understanding of fingerlingmanagement, water temperature monitoring, efficacy testing,fingerling stocking, egg collection, and incubation.

Purity Bonareri.jpeg

Faith Ogodo

Faith is a highly qualified Fisheries and Aquaculture graduate professional. Her experience includes training farmers on the best practices infisheries farming, enumeration and data collection of fish valuechain actors, extension Officer (carry out farm visits, datacollection and collation), giving farmers general advice on fisheries andaquaculture welfare and increasing production and linking farmers to markets for their finalproduce and raw materials in the sub county.

Faith Ogodo.jpeg

Bilhah Akoko

Bilhah is an aquaculture professional with experience of being a fish farmer herself, practicingFish Cage farming and fingerlings production in ponds. She has also been working to produce black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) which is analternative source of protein in animal feeds. She has also mentored farmers, majority being youths and women onaquaculture practices.

Bilhah Awino.jpeg

Vivianne Odhiambo

Vivianne is an aquaculture practitioner with a degree in aquaculture and fisheries management and abouthalf a decade of experience in the industry. With a track record of initiative and dependability, Ihave devised strategic initiatives which I believe will prove valuable.

Vivianne Odhiambo.jpeg

Rodgers Oyola

Rodgers is a self-motivated, passionate on improving lives through sustainable agriculture with a working experience both at own farm and to the other farmer/farmers groups, trained to train all groups of farmers on new technologies, innovation practices in a more adaptable way. Rodgers has demonstrated success managing businesses and projects across multiple portfolios while leading efforts in reforming investment strategies.

Rodgers Oyola.jpeg

Stephen Ologi

Stephen is a fisheries technology and aquaculture development management with entrepreneurship education at Africa Youth Trust-Kenya. He has also studied and demonstrated experience in general agriculture and food security at Sapir Academy College Israel.

Ologi Stephen Achachi.jpeg

John Otieno

John’s experience includesresearch assistant with Lattice Aqua Africa. I was responsible for mapping the location of cagefish farms along the shores of Lake Victoria and conducting interviews with farmers on knowledge gaps. He has experience as a project officer at the in  fish hub farm. In this capacity, h was responsible forcoordinating activities between the hub farm and fish farmers to promote food security.

John Otieno.jpeg

Allan Kimisto

Allan is an aquaculture professional with hands on experience devoted to promoting the role of science in sustainable development, and academic researchprojects aimed at reducing climate change, and promoting resilience among communities.

Allan Kimisto.jpeg
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