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Our Management Team and Advisory Board


Our Management Team

At SasAqua, we are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other. Our very diversified management team and advisory board are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations. Experienced, trained, and motivated individuals comprise our team, who are always striving to achieve our mission. The team has considerable combined experience in the various aquaculture value chain sectors.

Mr. Alfred Achar

Cofounder & Managing Director

Alfred is a result driven strategic leader with local and international experience, a sustainability advocate committed to building successful businesses with environmental and social responsibilities in mind. Alfred brings to SasAqua practical experience in the founding and operating a vertically integrated commercial fish cage farming on L. Victoria Kenya, and implementation of various sustainable aquaculture value chain best practices and systems. A trained engineer by professional, his latest projects include aquaculture small holder farmers out grower scheme in Kenya. As the managing director, Alfred creates, communicates, and implements the SasAqua’s vision, mission, and overall direction, including leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy. Alfred is a member of World Aquaculture Society.


Miss. Margaret Atieno

Cofounder  & Operations Director

Margaret is a customer oriented aquapreneur with hands on practical experience managing various aquaculture value chains which includes, capacity building, marketing, aquafeed and fish sales in East Africa. As operations director at SasAqua, Margaret brings valuable hands-onexperience to development and operations of SasAqua. Margret has a BA in Business Management and Certifiate in Supply Chain Management. She bringsmany years of business operations experience to the SasAqua team.


Mr. Shubham More

Technology Manager

Shubham is a passionate professional with a unique cross functional background in Engineering and Agri-business Management and leverages his diverse skillset and industry experience in climate-smart agriculture projects. He possesses a strong understanding of modern technologies like remote sensing and AI/ML, coupled with hands-on. experience in implementing Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification for Sustainability and Nature Based projects. He has cultivated valuable relationships with individuals and organizations across the aquaculture industry, including farmers, government agencies, and technology providers. Shubham leads SasAqua development and technical support team, and hisextensive network enables him to identify and collaborate with key stakeholders, facilitatingthe successful implementation of SasAqua.


Ms. Tyra Nancy Nyajure

 Finance Manager

Tyra is a finance analyst and accountant with excellent accounting, financial and technology skills. She is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with financial auding experience. Tyra’s practical experience in the sector includes preparing the monthly financial statements, reconciliation of the accounts, updating the transactions on quick books application, ensuring every worker is logged into the system, Invoicing etc.

Tyra Nancy Nyajure.jpg

Mr. Robert Ninsiima

Aquaculturalist & Human Capital Manager

Robert is an experienced Aquaculturalist, and talks about #aquaculture, #innovations, and #sustainability with a demonstrated history of working in the fishery industry both in hatchery and cage production. Skilled in aquaculture problem solving, analytical skills, farmers training, commercial production, research, and value chain challenges. As a strong regional aquaculture professional, Robert is responsibility for farmers capacity building and platform technical support.


Miss. Milkah Atieno

Sales & Managing Manager

Milkah is service oriented and versatile professional withnotable experience in communication and marketing. She is responsible for overseeing daily operations in the sales and marketing at SasAqua, which include brand management and advertising, customer care, sales quotas, and lead generation. Milkah has demonstrated competencies in the areas of public relations, corporate communications, customer care, ISO audit, risk monitoring and project management. She is remarkable in carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously, performing well under pressure and surpassing performance parameters to help deliver continued business growth at SasAqua.


Our Advisory Board

Mr. Elkana Pressler

Advisory Board

Elkana is an Entrepreneurial business development professional. Dynamic, self-driven, and value-creator with vast experience and achievements. Guiding to success by managerial planning, effective revival strategies, and fostering investor connections and strategic alliances. Engaged as a mentor and judge at Mass-Challenge, providing guidance and evaluation to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs and their ventures. Owner of LPI, business agency for project management, trading and investment banking. As part of SasAqua board, Elkana brings experience in business development, innovation and market development and management. His expertise is structured to provide growth from co-founding early-stage ventures to teams in mature corporation.


Mr. Surajit Sinha

Advisory Board

Surajit is marketing professional who has more than 19 years of diversified experience in Digital agriculture, and Agritech product development. He has ideated and, implemented challenging ICT-based solutions in the agriculture value chain, and enterprise communication, and has worked on traceability solutions in agriculture and aquaculture and the latest technologies like AI, remote sensing, and Data Analytics. Surajit has implemented projects in more than 15 countries worldwide in the agriculture value chain with prominent being in India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian and African countries including the USA. He frequently visits various universities to interact with students and provide insights about the importance of Digital Inclusion in Agribusiness and Rural Development and AL/ML-based applications in agriculture. He started climate smart-initiated monitoring, reporting, and validation tools using remote sensing and AI/ML.


LarsEbbesson, PhD

Advisory Board

Lars is Chief Scientist and Aquaculture Lead in the Technology Division at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. His goal is to work with the aquaculture industry to become more sustainable and resilient. To reach the goal he works towards improving the real-time understanding and prediction capacity of a production site and collaborations across the value chain. Lars present focus is on integrating fish biology with emerging technologies to digitizing all aspects of fish biology related to production. With 30 years’ experience in fish biology, Lars is an expert in bringing people from different research fields together to innovate new possibilities in aquaculture production systems. He is convinced that sharing data with key stakeholders will only benefit the aquaculture sector.


Mr. Benjamin Orishaba

Advisory Board

Benjamin is a highly skilled and experienced managerial and technical person in aquaculture field with accumulated experience in start-up and established vertically integrated tilapia and African catfish farms in East and West Africa. Benjamin’s leadership qualifications includes currently being assistant Farm Manager at MIG Fish Uganda, a Commonwealth Scholar, St Andrews University, Scotland, expert in fish hatchery award winner top 10 under 40 Hatchery International and founder of Kachotera Aquatics International.

Benjamin_ Orishaba.jfif

Dr. Mary Opiyo, PhD

Advisory Board

Mary is a recognized sustainable aquaculture scientist, aquatic food systems specialist, blue foods, blue economy, fisheries policy, and mariculture leader. Her hands on experience as a research scientist in the field sustainable aquaculture production and use of novel products in fish health management. Mary has deep interest is the reduction of the use of fish meal in diets of fish to save the wild fishery from over exploitation, fish breeding and quality seed production. Mary is currently a senior researcher at Kenya Marine and Research Institute (KEMFRI), and she brings to SasAqua 13 years of experience in the fisheries and aquaculture sector value chain from production to market, both in the private and public sector and have collaborated with the private sector in different aquaculture projects. She have also participated in developments of aquaculture policy, regulations and standard operating procedures for Kenya aquaculture sector and the East Africa Community.


Houriye Moghadam PhD

Advisory Board

Houriye is an experienced manager and aquafeed consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the fishery industry. With professional skilled in project management, Houriye has independently handled all activity of shrimp feed (Food)production, like maintenance, quality, and timely target achievement. Houriye is experienced in organizing workflows, production monitoring and evaluation, and ensuring output meets quality standards, and enforcing health and safety precautions.

Houriye Moghadam.jfif

Mrs. Suzanne Wambui

Advisory Board

Suzanne Wambui trained in Community Development and Counseling and has in the past worked for a number of development organizations. She owns Kamiti Fish & Integrated Farm and interacts across the entire fish, livestock and agriculture value chains both in Kenya and abroad. Suzanne is also: 1st Vice President of African Women Fish Processors and Traders Network (AWFISHNET) 44 Countries currently. Council member Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET-Kenya) Chairperson Association of Women in Fisheries Blue Economy Kenya. The Secretary General of Commercial Aquaculture Society of Kenya (CASK) and convenor of the Aquaculture Roundtable. Chairperson Kiambu Aquaculture Stakeholders Forum Founding Board member of Women in Farming Enterprise (WIFE). Member of the Climate Business Investment Network – KEPSA Suzanne is a practitioner, a transformation agent who passionate about what she does and believes that given a chance, the right linkage, an enabling environment each person’s story will have a happy ending.


Mr. Tom Xu

Advisory Board

Tom is the General Manager of Qingdao Qihang Fishing Cage Co. Ltd, which is one of the largest fish cage farm equipment suppliers in China. Mr. Xu has many years of experience in aquaculture cage culture. Mr.Xu and his team have exported HDPE cages and nets more than 80 countries. In Africa, they have offered fish cage farm equipment to many famous big fish farms around Lake Victoria areas in East Africa . Also, they have finished installation of many fish cage farms in West Africa. The team not only supply the fish cage farm equipment, but also train local farmers about the assembly and later management of HDPE fish cage.

unnamed (5).jpg

Mr. John Erick

Advisory Board

John is a recognized regional Food Systems Leader and has lead and implemented various aquaculture projects in East Africa. A self-driven intellectual and fish enthusiast, with hands-on and proven aquaculture and fisheries technical and project management skills. John has unmatched sustainability mindset and drive to work for a significant positive aquaculture sector impact. John is currently technical project manager with Lattice Aquaculture Limited and responsibly for developing and leading the continent recognized Aquaculture Academy.

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