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Meet the Project Manager

We are very excited to announce that John Erick will be the project manager of our smallholder farmers (SHFs) out grower project in the Migori and Homabay counties of Kenya!

John is a self-driven intellectual and fish enthusiast, with hands-on and proven aquaculture and fisheries technical and project management skills. We love his sustainability mindset and drive to work for a significant positive sector impact.

The 3-year, EUR 3 million, 300 farmers project design is centered around a sustainable business model of fish production that is economically profitable, socially responsible, and climate-friendly. The project seeks to demonstrate that SHFs can become profitable and create jobs. We know that accessibility to critical inputs (fingerlings and quality feeds), practical business-oriented training, and the market is going to be critical for the success of the East African aquaculture sector and that is why our project’s KPIs are all around these.

Special thanks to the project sponsors Aller Aqua IDH , Bayrise Fish Farm, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Kenya for giving us this opportunity to transform the sector. Let’s all congratulate John Erick and wish him well to lead this mission-critical impactful project.

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