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Food Safety and Security

Honored to recently host Micro Enterprise Support Programme Trust (MESPT) at our aquahub design concept for small holder farmers, aimed at: - Local availability of quality feeds - quality fish feed availability and affordability, which remains to be one of the most important determiner of fish farmers productivity in every aquaculture environment, and our region is no exception. - Ice - due to high perishability of fish icing fish immediately after harvesting, availability of cold room and use of refrigerated vehicles while on transit to slow down microbial activities that cause spoilage. - Fish sale marketplace for local community - due to climate change and food insecurity, fishing communities are especially vulnerable to climate change because of both their geographical locations and economic status (FAO, 2018). Despite being a sustainable and climate friendly protein option, communities that depend on fish for food security are now eating less fish as the need for income takes precedence. Recent statistics have shown that one in four households in the fishing communities living along the river and lake banks are food insecure.

MESPT is the implementing partner AgriFi  Food Safety Programme initiative funded by the European Union through Danida Green Business Partnerships / Danida Market Development Partnerships. The Programme focuses on building capacities of private sector to implement and enforce Food safety, animal, and plant health standards.

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